Shawn’s Most Popular Talks.  

Each keynote and virtual presentation Shawn delivers is custom-designed for his audience. His style is dynamic and engaging, providing his audience with distinct strategies and tangible takeaways that they can rapidly apply when back in their workplace.  

The "Wow" Factor

Delivering Consistently Powerful Customer Experiences in Today's New Economy

Learning Outcomes: • Recognize key distinctions in today’s customers and future buying behaviors. • Uncover your customer “wow” factor that will create raving fans. • Rethink how you engage and interact with your customers. • Develop your own unique Customer Impact. • Explore the social economy and how tech will impact your future customers.

Unstoppable Selling

Connecting, Convincing and Selling in Today's Economy

Learning Outcomes: • The evolution of today’s customer. • Creating powerful relationships in a hyperactive world. • The key differentiators to sell in today’s new economy. • Key strategies to find, reach, and connect with today’s prospects. • The three keys to qualifying to ensure you have your ideal customer.  

Breakthrough Leadership

Leading to Achieve Extraordinary Performance.

Learning Outcomes: • Understand key distinctions of the future workforce. • Capture the attention and engage today's employees. • Recognize how to adapt and manage the pace of change. • Discover how to empower today's workforce. • Learn the three core strategies to retain top performers. 

Empower and Enable

Inspiring and Empowering Today’s Workforce and Preparing for Generation Next 

Learning Outcomes: • Understand the key distinctions and trends of the future workforce. • Examine the role of HR in preparation for Generation Next. • Discover how to engage business leaders in support of an empowered workforce. • Examine the evolution of the HR role. • Explore the influence of technology on communications amongst today’s organizations.

Engage with Purpose

Creating a Competitive Advantage in the New Economy

Learning Outcomes: • Understand the trends of the future workforce. • Discover the core strategies behind building and sustaining employee engagement. • Learn how to bridge the gap between today’s leaders and tomorrow’s workforce. • Create a compelling connection between employees and customers. • Explore the impact of new technologies on employees and communication.  

Unstoppable! Release Your Inner Strength

Strategies for Unleashing Your Hidden Talent and Unlocking Your Potential

Shawn Casemore

Learning Outcomes: • Understand the power of goal setting and its influence on personal performance. • Unlock techniques to minimize distractions and allow for laser-like focus. • Discover how to find and release inner strength at any time. • Examine and expand your circle of influence. • Explore your own motivations and use them as personal leverage.  


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